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Benefit Buddy™


Benefit Buddy is user friendly, eliminates errors, and saves time and
money for our clients.  It is also a useful tool in the office and at
mediations when quick and accurate calculations are needed.  When
asked what Drew Eckl & Farnham's position was regarding
recommending the software to other Law Firms, State Board of Workers'
Compensation and (your) clients?  The response was a definitive and
sure "Yes we would recommend!"

Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP
Attorneys at Law


Benefit Buddy is an excellent time-saving tool that allows me to quickly
and accurately calculate the entire settlement value of a claim on one
screen or just one component of future benefits.  It also has built into the
program four life expectancy tables as well as the comp rates for past
years, encompassing everything you need to evaluate a claim into one
software.  It also increases the accuracy of my calculations because I no
longer have to manually compute each type of benefit.  I highly
recommend the software as a valuable resource for evaluating claims.

Kimberly Stone Boehm, Esq.
Stone & Boehm, P.C.
Attorneys at Law

I want to thank you for developing such a wonderful tool for us to use in
calculating exposure in workers' comp defense cases.  Your Benefit
Buddy is easy to use, and accurate.  Before we got it, we were doing the
calculations the old-fashioned way, using the "wheel" and present day
value tables.  It took way too long the old way. Using the Benefit Buddy,
our calculations can be done quickly and easily.  It makes it a breeze.  
Thanks so much.

Gregory Presmanes, Esq.
Bovis, Kyle & Burch, LLC
Attorneys at Law

I highly recommend Benefit Buddy to all workers' compensation
practitioners.  It is an invaluable tool that I use every time that I am
preparing a settlement demand in my cases.  Benefit Buddy is
particularly helpful to me because with one click of the mouse it quickly
reduces my figures to present value.  I also enjoy having the charts for
TTD, TPD and PPD benefits available at my fingertips.  Benefit Buddy
has certainly served me well!

Susan J. Sadow, P.C.
Attorney at Law

The program is absolutely awesome.  I use it daily  and wonder how we
ever made it without it.  I was a part of the original testing program. I can
guarantee, you will not be disappointed.  

Sue Lorance


Excellent write up !!!  I think you touched on the many qualities of this
program. As you are aware, I loved putting "The Wheel" and charts to
rest; using Benefit Buddy assures me that the dates and figures are
correct, keeping in mind that it only takes seconds, minutes not hours.

Claire Beeland
Claims Examiner


"I have used Benefit Buddy for approximately the last  4 years in my
Workers' Compensation law practice.  The software is easy to use and
saves me both time and money by simplifying calculations on expired
benefits, future benefits, lifetime benefits, medical benefits and present
day values. By Plugging in a few numbers, I get the information I need to
determine the value of claims.  I also have TTD, TPD, and PPD income
benefits, with the effective dates of each change, available with one click
of the mouse.  I believe that anyone who practices in Workers'
Compensation either as an insurance adjuster, defense attorney or
claimant's attorney would benefit from the use of this program.  I have
ordered the upgrade to Benefit Buddy 5.0 and look forward to using the
added features that make a good product even better."

Foy S. Horne, Jr., P.C.
Attorney at Law


I’ve been meaning to write you for days, but you know how busy things
get in this business.  Which is why I am so happy with the Benefit Buddy.  
I just don’t have the time to sit and mess with forms and calculators and
typing up a report – and with the Buddy, all I have to do is pop some
dates, rates and make  a guess on futures and the program does all the
work and spits out a really professional looking report that I can attach to
emails, etc.  I’ve worked some other systems, and none of them seem to
have the level of detail, for instance taking into account the various types
of medical care issues, etc.,  and so they still leave you doing half the
work on paper & calculator.  The difference, I guess, between a
calculation program that’s been made by an IT or accountant type or by
someone that actually works claims.  

Nancy Lyman
Workers' Compensation Executive


Thank you for your consideration in updating our software and giving us
the opportunity to expand upon the valuable uses we have found for
Benefit Buddy.  I did want to let you know that it has been a great benefit
to me in the settlement analysis of workers' compensation claims.
Specifically, it assists me by placing all of the data that I need to make a
settlement analysis determination in one place.  It saves using the
calculator over and over to determine the settlement values of a case.  It
has saved me a considerable amount of time in the preparation of
settlement analysis versus the other options available.  Once again
thank you for the update and I look forward to receiving the new updated
version of Benefit Buddy.

Larry W. Fouche, Esq.
Chambless, Higdon, Richardson, Katz & Griggs, LLP
Attorneys at Law


Until coming over to the WC Unit at the Pool, I had been out of direct
workers' compensation claims handling since the 1980's.  I still
remember, however, the cumbersome and time-consuming
manual calculating that had to be undertaken, to determine temporary,
permanent, and lifetime indemnity benefits for reserving and settling
cases.  Of course, projected medical benefits had to be figured, virtually
manually, as well. I did not look forward to those exercises, especially on
the longer term, difficult high dollar claims. There was significant
potential for mathematical error, and in order to insure accuracy, double
and sometimes triple checking the math on a hand-held or desk
calculator was necessary - which took time. For example, to calculate
present values one had to use a hand-held, slide-rule type calculator (if
one could be located), which involved several steps.  Literally, figures
had to be aligned physically, etc.  With Benefit Buddy the time to
determine present dollar value becomes almost instantaneous.  Only
two entries are required, along with highlighting the appropriate choice of
programmed available discount  rates - and the deed is done; AND the
system is always at your finger tips in the computer.  The program
insures accuracy, as well. Of course, the above is one example, only.  
Benefit Buddy's extreme versatility is evident in the various menu choices
of calculations that can be performed.  They are too numerous to list in
this memo.  However, some other examples include Benefit Buddy's
ability to immediately perform initial reserving and subsequent changes,
quickly and easily, without the confusing and ambiguity experienced with
previous paper forms/formats.  Figuring birth dates and available lifetime
weeks are programmed for immediate calculation.  COLA and medical
inflation calculations can be done quickly, by going to readily available
tables.  The efficiency offered by the reduction in time to figure lifetime
inflation in Benefit Buddy, as opposed to having to perform the
calculations in some other, more work intense manner, needs no further
comment. It is obvious.  Conversion of 7-day work week calculations to 5-
days is instantaneous.  Again, think of the ease and speed that this one
tool, alone, offers a claims adjuster. The value of Benefit Buddy lies in its
overall efficiency.  Again, that is obvious to everyone who has the
opportunity to use the system.  It offers speed, accuracy, and versatility in
its ability to facilitate changes in calculations, when needed in specific or
unusual scenarios. It is also a system which can be adapted, easily to
accommodate the periodic updates in workers' compensation benefits
and the law, itself, i.e. new caps, etc.  The Help guides are uncluttered.
Without question, Benefit Buddy offers the most practical claims tool I
have seen.

Richard Evans
Claims Examiner, Workers' Compensation

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