Benefit Buddy™                   Efficiency Software For Claims Professionals
Multi-States, All in One, Day to Day, File to File Integrated
Functions Software Solution to Save Time and Cost for
Attorneys, Mediators, Insurance Adjusters, Self Insured
Employers, Group Insurance Disability Specialists or
anyone involved in the day to day  reserving, settlement
and payment of claims.

 Specialized Calculators!
  • Cola Calculator
  • Weeks Calculator
  • Life Expectancies
  • Due Date Calculator
  • Present Value Calculator Weekly Discount
  • Future Benefits Calculator
  • Medical Inflation Calculator
  • Weeks/Days Between Calculator
  • Permanent Total Calculator (Florida)
  • Future Supplemental Calculator (Florida)
  • Prior Supplemental Calculator (Florida)
  • Dependency Benefits Calculator Retirement Age
  • Medicare Part D Calculator
  • Advanced Medical Calculator
  • Medical Benefits Calculator
  • Benefits Due Calculator
  • Present Value of Dollars Calculator Weekly Discount
  • Average Weekly Wage Calculator
  • Interest/Penalty Payment Calculator
  • Multiple PPD Ratings Calculator
  • Temporary Partial Benefits Calculator
  • Annual Present Value Calculator Annual Discount\
  • Settlement Distribution Calculator
  • Judgment or Lump sum Penalty/Interest Calculator
> Routine Calculations Made Easy!
  • Settlement Evaluations Made Easy!
  • Stop Claims Leakage!
  • Stop Labor Leakage!
  • Control Billing Leakage!
Benefit Buddy Database 10.0 is now
Includes 2015 Benefit Rates
CDC Total Population Life Table - 2010
Microsoft Office Compatible.
Alabama  Arkansas  Florida  Georgia   Louisiana     Mississippi   North Carolina        
South Carolina        Tennessee            Virginia
Benefit Buddy is also compatible with many other states, including Longshore, etc
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With Benefit Buddy DB 10.0 you will gain even more efficiency.

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ISU Compatible
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